12 Weeks. 10 Innovators & Dreamers.

This isn’t your typical Mastermind. Not only do we focus on getting your funnels built and live, but we work on your energy, your creative space, who you are attracting and how you flow with your business.

The goal of this Mastermind is to create more ease and flow vs. the constant daily hustle in your business.

This is a 12 Week Mastermind where we meet as a group virtually twice per week - once with Sarah for an Open Coaching Call where you pick her brain, show her your stuff, or ask for advice. And once with an energy/mindset expert Sarah has brought into the circle. The Energy + Mindset calls with guest experts have been the highlight of the past Masterminds because they bring new perspectives, ideas, space, creativity and flow into our lives and businesses.


Here is what a few people had to say about some of the energy calls we’ve had in past Masterminds:



Getting to the Next Level in Your Business is Reliant on Having the RIGHT Mentor and Community.

It’s really incredible when you can be part of a group where you WANT to check in daily and weekly and where you feel very connected to the other women working alongside of you.

TRYbe Next Level is a place where you can feel safe and heard when sharing ideas, struggles or successes. It’s like you’re think-tank. A place where you can stay focused and aligned with the direction you want to pursue.

Every woman that is accepted into the Mastermind has the heart, brains and desire to create something beautiful that will change many lives. The woman selected for this mastermind not only want to build and achieve in their business, but they are on board with creating a collaborative community within the Mastermind where we can lean on each other and grow together for 12 weeks.


This Mastermind is for women entrepreneurs who are in it for the long game. It is for women who are understand and KNOW they need to get creative in order to truly serve the way they want to serve. This is for women who are ready to do business differently.

The 12-Week Mastermind Includes:

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Mastermind Investment:

Option #1: One Payment of $4,000

Option #2: Two Payments of $2,100

Option #3: Four Payments of $1,200