Life Won’t Wait

It seems so easy for each of us to get caught up in the Corporate shuffle and living to work, or rushing through our day. We get so distracted that we never really take the time to love what we have and ENJOY it! In my former life, as a corporate zombie, myself along with so many others would walk around in a stupor looking depressed and barely awake! I would hear people say all the time, “It will get better when…” When what? When you have more money, when you have more time?!? Let’s be honest, when will you … Read More

Getting Outside Your Comfy Zone

Over the last month, I have done a lot of things that have put me outside of my “comfy-zone”! Things like leaving my corporate job to work for myself, learning how to drive all over again with a stick shift, running a marathon and recently deciding to apply for a Mast Trainer with Powder Blue Productions. All of this stuff has been SUPER scary for me! Didn’t they always teach us in school to “think outside the box”? YES!! But how many of us actually followed through and consistently challenge ourselves to get out of that “comfy-zone”? No one ever … Read More