Content Creation Workbook

When you are building your business online... CONTENT CREATION is EVERYTHING  

and some days it can feel so overwhleming to come up with one more thing to post or share.  

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And that is EXACTLY why I created a workbook that guides you through the EXACT process I use when I am creating content for my business. 

Because everyone kept asking me... 

  • How do I create consistent content? 
  • How do I stay true to my authentic voice? 
  • What rituals do you do before you write? 
  • How often do you write? 
  • What happens when you have nothing to say? 
  • How do you overcome writers block? 
  • What is the secret sauce to creating more engagement? 
  • How do I speak directly to my target audience? 
  • How can I make every post matter? 
  • How can I write and post everyday without burning myself out? 
  • How do you plan your content? 

all questions answered inside my FORMULA!!! 

And for just $1, it's all yours! 

Here's a breakdown of what's all in the workbook.... 

  • Step 1: Understand Why You Get Stuck 
  • Step 2: Creating Affirations to Allow Your Authenic Voice 
  • Step 3: Content Creation Rituals 
  • Step 4: Content Creation Formula 
  • Step 5: Content Brain Dump 
  • Step 6: Practice Makes Perfect 
  • Step 7: The Big Picture 
  • Step 8: Planning It In 6 Week Batches