I built my direct sales business to multiple six figures for 3 consecutive years with a team of over 5000! My team consisted of many top recruiters in the company - seriously badass! But with that success came great responsibility. I often felt I was wearing the weight of all 5000 people on my shoulders.

I loooooved the community and financial freedom, but I found myself struggling to find time freedom with my business (even though I was promised if I worked really hard, I could have all the time freedom I wanted). So that’s what I did, I worked hard to hunt down the next person to sign up or tell about my opportunity. At first it was exhilarating, but it soon become heavy and exhausting and I started to burnout.  

Because I built my team in a way where they relied on my movement to create theirs, whenever I needed a break, they also took a break. When I pulled my foot off the gas, they followed suit. That created resentment and I started burning bridges. And for so long, I hid these feelings... from myself and from everyone in my life. I was ashamed not to be happy.

What kept me going was that I knew in my soul, there was a better way. A way that could give me time freedom. A way that built up leaders on my team who were initiators, doer’s, self-motivated, resourceful people. I wanted to work smarter, not harder.

I started investing thousands of dollars into online trainings to learn and absorb everything I could. I took online trainings for years and back in 2015, finally launched my first recruiting email sales funnel. The funnel was set up so the magical fairies and unicorns of the interweb would automatically send a series of emails (which I wrote) to anyone who said "YES, I am interested in learning what you do." I couldn't believe the response and results. Over the course of a year, I signed 17 new members to my team, all on auto-pilot.

That’s when it hit me. I need to take these lessons and my story and share it with others. I didn’t go through this transition just for myself, but for the collective. These experiences belong to all of us. I have so much belief in the network marketing model --- it has changed the course of my life. Without it, I would still be in a cubicle.

I took the lessons and resigned from my position. I gave up all the money, all the team, all the responsibility. It wasn’t easy and it was a decision that hurt my heart for many months.

But, that led to me to today. Everything we do is always a lead into the next. So, here I am, grateful to serve women who were like me, women like you. Women suffering in the closet from burnout, frustration, resentment, anger, confusion, lack of clarity. I help women find their joy again in business through structure and flow, alignment and automation.

So, I’m happy you’re here! I am grateful to be able to serve you! Let’s dig in!!!