Make Your Own Cashew Milk

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in store bought almond or cashew milk and thought to yourself “I wish I could just make this at home without all this extra chemicals!”??? Well, you are not alone, I have thought that many times! A couple months ago, I stumbled on a blog ( for a vegan alfredo recipe and found that she was using homemade cashew milk to thicken up her sauce. Best part? Her cashew milk was EASY. Like ridiculously easy! After making it several times and experimenting with different nuts, here is what I found…. you want to … Read More

Becoming Virtual Nomads…

Sometime in early July 2015, Adam and I got a wild hair and asked each other…. “Wouldn’t it be cool to just buy an old RV, fix it up and travel around the country for awhile??” At this point in our lives we were trying to figure out the next step or stage in our lives. We had been living in Wisconsin now for about 3 years (in Door County, which we love!) but we just weren’t sure if this was the place we wanted to land. We figured traveling the country would help us see what else was out … Read More

Four Ways to Work Virtually

Let me ask you a question. Do you work full time? What do you do? Do you work for yourself? An employer? Whatever it is, do you work from home? Or do you go to a workspace each day to complete your tasks? Is there any freedom in your schedule? I’m curious! If you do stay home, what does it do for you? I think it does something different for everybody. Maybe working virtually or from home is not for everybody. It may be something a lot of people desire, but when it comes down to it, may not be … Read More

Getting Outside Your Comfy Zone

Over the last month, I have done a lot of things that have put me outside of my “comfy-zone”! Things like leaving my corporate job to work for myself, learning how to drive all over again with a stick shift, running a marathon and recently deciding to apply for a Mast Trainer with Powder Blue Productions. All of this stuff has been SUPER scary for me! Didn’t they always teach us in school to “think outside the box”? YES!! But how many of us actually followed through and consistently challenge ourselves to get out of that “comfy-zone”? No one ever … Read More

Running a Marathon

Well, I am now considered a marathon runner! I trained all summer for this one race and as I look back on my accomplishment, it all seems like a blur! It was a cold, windy Chicago morning on Oct 7th, but I was READY! I started off great, my half marathon pace was right on target, 2:06. I was feeling good, ready to conquer the next 13.1. However, my legs had other plans! Around mile 15 they started to cramp. My calves were especially tight, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop and stretch. Do you ever feel like that … Read More