Summertime Mastermind

This Mastermind is a high level support group that meets weekly and works towards the goal of building a more sustainable business through business flow and systems. We will be specifically focused on building out sales funnels and using those funnels to build your list and get more eyes on what you offer!  

Who is Summertime Mastermind for? 

  • Anyone who already has a sales funnel, but is looking to refine for higher conversions (followers to leads and leads to paying customers!) 
  • Anyone who is working on or wants to start working on their sales funnel to automate lead generation but has yet to really complete the process. 
  • Anyone who has clarity in who they are serve and how they want to serve. 
  • Anyone who is ready to STOP hemorrhaging energy and has a desire to work within their cyclical nature, while still creating an abundant business. 
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use flow instead of hustle, learning to work with yourself vs. against yourself
  • Anyone who has a product or service they are so inspired by, they cannot wait to share with others. 
  • Anyone who is open to discovering a more soulful and practical way to really do this (build your business) without burning yourself out.  

The Summertime Mastermind is about helping you create a business that flows. A business that serves you and your family by supporting your lifestyle and need for time freedom.  

The Summertime Mastermind will teach you to re-evaluate many strategies you’ve been taught in the past, such as...

Here's what I mean...

The 10X Rule

 You've heard the detrimental effects of working too much, but we are also constantly being fed the idea to do more, be more, spend more, reach more, hire more….more more more. 10X it! It is confusing to know which way to go and has left us feeling hopeless and burntout. 

The truth is, we have time. Not time to waste, but we have time to be intentional and intuitive and creative. We have time to give our dreams space and less time to worry that they will come true.  

'I wanted so badly to make my business work but I'd struggled with the advice I was getting from my mentors (do harder...push more). Something just wasn't working despite how hard I was trying. TRYbe Marketing has given me such a vision and desire to create, inspire, and serve the world, that it doesn't matter what business I am building because I feel like I can serve from my true and authentic self. I don't feel like I have to be anybody but myself, or do anything that doesn't align with my core values. Because I have within me the ability to build a life changing, rocking business!' 

~Renae Fieck, founder of

Interrtuption Marketing

Have you ever felt like the 'hey girl' messages you are sending don't do a good job of showcasing the real authentic side of you and what you are offering?? 

It's because you are literally interupting her, causing an immediate knee-jerk reaction to your message! So, it doesn't even matter what your message says or the intention behind it. 

Using permission marketing allows your prospect to say 'YES, I am interested in hearing what you have to say and what you offer'. A much different energy ✨

'When I started coaching, I could see the possibilities in having my own online business as a stay at home mom. But trying to spend what little time I had chasing down people, doing "hey girl" messages felt like a waste and icky. Too much time trying to find people and not enough time spending it doing what I was passionate about, helping others. Once I fully stepped into TRYbe Marketing, my first round of shoutouts grew my list by 820 people in two weeks. My opt-in is converting at 65% and I finally feel like I'm giving my prospects amazing content that will grow my business in a way that makes sense to me and give me the opportunity to help more people.'

~Jennifer Dawson, founder of

The Need to be Linear

As women, it’s time we stand up to the old belief that we are linear. We are not linear. We are cyclical beings. We NEED time for creativity, time for massive action, time for strategy and planning and periods of rest. By honoring each of those, we start to allow ourselves and our businesses to flow and allow abundance to come to us. 

It’s time to purge the idea that the more we do, the more we work, the more we say yes to, the more we get in return.

"I had never heard of the concept of being linear and cyclicle before until I learned about it through Soulful Business with Sarah. Honestly, I thought it was a bunch of "woo hoo" stuff, but it intrigued me so I tested it out. Being irregular with my cycles, I didnt know where to begin, so I started off with becomeing more aware of how I was feeling and what my body was telling me. I started honoring the time of each phase and to my surprise, I began accomplishing so many things in my business AND in my life in WAY less time!! Not to mention, I felt so much more aligned with myself as a woman. For once I felt this natural flow in my days isntead of always, PUSH PUSH PUSH!! I felt the energy, the rest and the creativity like never before when I started honoring what phase of my cycle I was in! It was unbelievable and I will be continuing to operate this way!"

-Talia Faramo, founder of

Because the truth is, the more space we give ourselves the more time we have to incubate our ideas into these beautiful creations that make an impact on the collective whole.  

I am making a stand: I do not have to work hard in order to create the life I desire. In order for me to create the life I desire, I must become more in flow with my natural state and allow this life I am seeking to come to me.  

That does not mean I will not work. Of course I will work - I am very dedicated to what I do and in order to help others, work must be done. But I am not willing to sacrifice myself, my health, my wellbeing, my relationships in order to be successful. Why? Because I KNOW I will be successful, I am already worthy of that success. Hard work and long hours, does not make me more worthy, it just makes me more tired and less intuitive.  

Massive shifts have taken place in my life and business because of these new beliefs and ways of doing business.  

If this sounds like something you have been waiting for and are looking for a mentor to guide your way....

I built my first successful business in network marketing. It planted a seed within me that I am forever grateful for. It led me to new opportunities, life experiences and perspectives I would have never had without it. I now seek to serve women in network marketing to find more flow and ease in the intertwining of their life and business. Both are precious and both deserve your time and energy. Through business structure + flow, I teach women to create a new pattern. A new way of doing business that creates more space, time freedom and eventually financial freedom. 

What’s All Included in the Summertime Mastermind: 


 Full day of virtual working as a group. Multiple check ins give you energy throughout the day to keep pushing forward to check things off your list. We will vote as a group who got the most shit done and the winner will win a 40 min strategy call with me! 

Dates for GSDD's: June 6, July 11, August 8 & September 5.  


Every Monday, for 2 hours, I will be avialable LIVE to answer your questions, review your content or startegy and give you real-time advice. Since I am on live for 2 full hours, you and I can essentially have a little pow-wow via FB comments hashing out what you are working on that week! 

Office Hours are scheduled every Monday 2p-4p ET


Every Wednesday afternnon, I will host a group coaching call via Zoom. Each week will have a specific focus. The point of these calls is to give you time to ask me questions or for me to give you feedback on what you are creating. Topics covered will rotate between funnel building, list building and business flow/energy.  

Coaching Calls are held every Wednesday at 2p ET  


 TRYbe Marketing is my marketing e-course that walks you through, start to finish everything you need to know about builidng your sales funnel! I provide detailed instructions on how to create your opt-in, upsell and signature offers as well as an overview of creating your high-end packages! 

Learn more about this e-course here: TRYbe Marketing  


Soulful Business my business flow e-course. It is a course that teaches you how to tap into your creative side and do the things your soul is truly calling you to do. After taking this course, you will have a renewed sense of direction and confidence in how your business and life flow. It's about creating more space! 

Learn more about this e-course here: Soulful Business  

Dont take my word for it...hear from some of my Mastermind rockstars!

'There are lots of people out there that can teach you how to build a funnel and market with email marketing. But there are few people out there like Sarah who will ignite soul within your business. When I signed up for her Mastermind, I wanted strategy and the how-to's to making my business succeed. But instead, I ​g​ained the ability to believe in myself. I began to dream of infinite possibilities. I pushed past the walls of my limiting beliefs. I truly began to see that my potential was limitless. My business has gone from something I put endless hours into without much success to now...where i’m ​e​xcited to create, believe in the power of what I have to offer, and gives me the freedom to build WHILE not sacrificing my life and family in the process. ​No matter where I go from here....I am forever grateful to Sarah for her time invested in me.' 

-Renae Fieck 

**BONUS OPTION** to Join our 2-Day Mastermind Retreat in Sturgeon Bay, WI for an additional payment of just $99.

  • DAY 1: As a group, we ustilize a full 7 hour work day to get shit done and be surrounded by other inspiring women doing the same thing! 

We have a few fun surprises for this day that adds a special something! We finish up with an intimate dinner at my house cozied up by the fire with lots of great conversations and healing. 

  • Day 2: We get into nature and do a soul-craft to bring out our inner child-like playefulness! Also allows us the afternoon to work and wrap up anything else we want to get done before we head home. 

**Dates for retreat are August 22 and 23!**  

Heres what people are saying about past retreats...

'The retreat is such a safe place to be ourselves and embrace the beautiful gifts and businesses we have, while also gaining valuable in person feedback and even more insight. Plus, it’s so fun! I’m filled up with love, inspiration, peace, direction and it’s been such a blessing to be a part of Sarah’s masterminds and retreats; My personal growth and shifts in my business have been profound as well!' 

~Jennifer Skoog, founder of

I signed up to work with Sarah Try and attend her Mastermind Retreat in order to surround myself with people doing the things that I want to do. I’ve been struggling for years to establish a higher income working online. The mastermind event was perfect in helping me blast away some fears. I loved the work sessions, the deep discussions about life and business and purpose, the soul crafting, the shared meals in front of the fireplace. Sarah planned an outstanding small group retreat and I came away feeling my mission and purpose clearly. My work feels aligned with my goals. Getting out of my day job and into a whole new environment for 3 days was just what I needed to snap out of my rut. It’s the people there and the conversations we have in person that influence our success more than affirmations or journaling or anything else we try to do alone. Thank you Sarah for putting your heart and soul into the mastermind and our event. It has such an impact on each of our lives.' 

~Jenny Ragland founder of

Q: Is this Mastermind just for network marketers?

No. Although most of my experience lies in network marketing, I have worked with many other digital marketers and business owners.

Q: I'm busy AF in summer. What is the weekly time commitment?

First of all, the whole point of this is to make you less busy, so if you're saying that, THEN YOU REALLY NEED THIS MASTERMIND! Ok, but to answer your question, it really depends on where you are with your marketing/business message. If you are in the beginning stages, it's gonna be a little more time...but you'd be putting in that time either way, so you might as well get it set up right from the start, ya? The weekly coaching calls will be about 5-10 minutes of a quick training and then an open Q+A on that week's topic. So if you have no questions that week, you don't have to jump on. The coaching calls will be recorded and available for you to watch at a later time. Also, something to think about, summertime is a time to enjoy the outside and be with family and friends, but there is a lot of daylight in the summer, which means we just have more energy form the sun :sunny: So, it's a perfect time to add to your plate. Overall, I'd say you will be giving this Mastermind 3-7 hours each week.

Q: What's all this talk about tapping into our cycle?

In order to reduce burnout and get more done with less hours at our desk is to understand our cyclical nature as humans. We work in cycles, just like Mother Earth does with her seasons. We also shift with the seasons, but we also shift and flow with the moon on a 28 day cycle. It's easy to implement and I will explain everything about how to align this with your goals. IMO, it's information EVERY single human needs to know!

Q: When does the Mastermind start?

We start on Monday, May 14th. Go for 16 weeks, through September 7th.

Q: Do I have to attend the Mastermind Retreat on Aug 22 & 23?

No. But it's highly recommended. The breakthroughs that happen at a small intimate retreat are priceless. The cost for the retreat is $99. This retreat is only open to those of you in the Summertime Mastermind, but depending on the number of people who RSVP, you may be able to bring a guest for free! More to come on that!

Q: How long is enrollment open?

Doors close to the Mastermind very very early on Monday morning. Monday the 14th

‘Your intention goes when you’re energy flows’ -Gabby Bernstein  

Money is Energy. So if you are ready to really do this and uplevel your business with my support - you are ready to make the investment! And guess what?!? It’s super reasonable compared to many other Masterminds!!! 

For just $300 a month (for 4 months), you will have your seat! I only have room for 50 total in this group, as more than 50 feels like too much, so don’t wait too long on saying yes! I sense these seats will fill up before enrollment is over, which is May 13th at midnight.  

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