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TRYbe is a Membership Community for entrepreneurs who want a community AND an expert to lean on and learn from as they build their marketing and branding strategy. 

This is a place where you start to SEE marketing yourself in a new way, with new eyes.  

Because let’s be real… marketing can suck.  

Unfortunately, it can feel more like a chore than it does a creative process.  

But I see it differently....  

  • Marketing is a creative and soulful experience, for you and your customer!  
  • Marketing is a way to share yourself and your purpose with the world. It’s an invitation to tap into your creative energy!  

The Membership is SIMPLE. It’s $20 per month with access to the following 2 things…  

  • All my courses on ($1400 value) These will no longer be available for purchase on their own, must be part of the Membership to access. 
  • Two Calls w Me via Zoom per month (priceless) Think of this as a coffee date with me. You can ask me anything! There will be hot seats, Q+A, training on specific topics. I plan to let the members guide the direction of the calls. So the more active you are with your questions, the more of a say you will have in what we talk about! And of course, these calls will be recorded and made available to you within 48 hours!   
Join TRYbe for $20/mo

Inside my courses and trainings, you’ll find topics such as…. 

  • Marketing Strategy 
  • List Building Strategy 
  • Creative Copywriting 
  • Sales Copywriting 
  • Sales Pages 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Attraction Marketing 
  • Funnel Building  
  • Branding Strategy 

I approach all of these topics with a soulful nature - respecting and honoring your Body, your Purpose, your Intuition, your ability to Co-Create w Spirit and your Customer.  

While I will always tend to train on these above topics, it does not mean I don’t have other things to say about social media, websites or FB ads. I know and use those tools everyday, but they are not my top expertise.  

Not only have I tested out these strategies and ideas in my own business, but I am always testing out new strategies with my clients! So we are literally implementing new ideas all the time. I will be sharing what’s working in real time on these calls with our members.  

Here is a list of all the courses you will get access to...  

Hi! I'm Sarah! 

I built my first successful business in network marketing. It planted a seed within me that I am forever grateful for. It led me to new opportunities, life experiences and perspectives I would have never had without it. 

I now seek to serve women in the virtual business space to find more flow and ease in the relationship of their life and business. Both are precious and both deserve your time and energy. Through business structure + flow I teach women to create a new pattern. A new way of doing business that creates more space, time freedom and eventually financial freedom. 

You can read more about my story here.

Here is what a few clients + students have to say about working with me...

-Jenny Ragland,

"I really enjoyed working with Sarah. Sarah has a gift of communication and was able to partner with me to craft copy that really represented my brand. One of her differentiators is her heart-led approach to the creative process, and engaging with her clients in a co-creative process. Together, we created a marketing strategy to leverage and scale my business."

-Rachael Bodie, 

"I had the honor of working with Sarah to help me systematize my business, but I got so much more!  

I learned how to dig deep into my experiences and knowledge so I can write specifically for my niche. I learned writing formulas for creating effective landing pages and email series to follow up and add more value to my potential customers. I learned how to create Facebook ads to engage people to get them on my email list, so I get an opportunity to serve them even more. I’ve published new funnels and they have already increased leads coming through the online form. Now my email sequences can automatically help me grow my business.  

Sarah’s training and courses are fun, challenging, and super helpful. Having direct access to her to get feedback for improving my writing, ads and funnels was invaluable. She has a calm and insightful method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of her lessons and mentorship!"

-Perry Tinsley,

"Before TRYbe, I probably bought 4 or 5 different trainings, joined a couple different monthly inner circle groups, watched a gazillion free videos, and still sat there spinning my wheels not knowing what to do. Mainly because my life didn’t allow me to sit there for hours and direct message people.  

After working with Sarah, I realized she has another special talent. She leads you to your authentic voice. She helps you find your passion, and how you can use your network marketing business to complement your passion AND your voice.  

She can’t tell you where you’re supposed to be, but if you follow her trainings, you will will end up right where you’re supposed to be. I have watched the women in Sarah’s groups step into their authentic self and share their passion in different ways and I have been amazed at how talented and passionate they are."

-Kim Roth

"I wanted so badly to make my business work but I'd struggled with the advice I was getting from my mentors (do harder...push more). Something just wasn't working despite how hard I was trying. I thought that TRYbe would give me the tools to get my business going.  

But what I found was that it gave me so much more than that. It lit ME on fire. It has given me such a vision and desire to create, inspire, and serve the world. It has helped me break free from some of the limiting beliefs I was holding and believe that the visions and goals I have for the future CAN be accomplished."

-Renae Fieck,

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Q: Who is TRYbe for? A: This community is for anyone who is currently or aspiring to be an entrepreneur. You could be just starting out or 10 years in. You could be a healer, a restaurant owner, a network marketer, a life coach, an IG influencer and the list goes on and on. I have a unique ability to help you navigate at any stage in your business, because most likely I’ve been there and tried it. Not only have I built successful online businesses, but I am currently building a good ole fashioned brick n mortar one as we speak! I have a unique perspective on marketing and business building that I know can help a lot of people. Building businesses has been something I have done my whole life… it’s been my training ground for this community!  

Q: Is there a minimum requirement for months to join? A: Nope. You can cancel your membership (and rejoin) at anytime!  

Q: Do we get lifetime access to your courses? A: No. You get access to my courses while you are a member. If you cancel your membership, you will lose access to my courses and any recorded video trainings or Q+A from the membership.  

Q: What if I already bought one of your courses? A: First of all, thank you for your support, I appreciate you! You know first hand if you like my style and can see right away what an incredible value this is to work with me. You can of course still be a member! And with your membership you will get access to my full course library. If you cancel your membership, you will keep your lifetime access to the courses you purchased before I launched the TRYbe Community.  

Q: Will I be auto charged? A: Yes, you will be auto charged each month using the same payment you elected to use when you first signed up. If for any reason your payment is declined or you need to update billing info, you can settle that inside the member community on my website.  

Q: What is your refund policy? A: No refunds. If you need to cancel, please do so before you are auto-charged for the next month. You can cancel by logging into the student dashboard.  

Q: Will monthly calls be recorded? A: Yes, absolutely! They will be recorded and made available inside our membership community within 48 hours of going live.  

Q: How often do you update courses?
A: It depends! When creativity hits me and I am ready to teach, I move with that energy. I have learned my lessons about putting expectations out there for a certain time to update. I tend to feel rushed and the finished product is not what I would love for it to be. If something needs updating, please let us know! I understand that marketing is always changing - especially in the online world - but the principles will be the same. I will be talking about what’s currently working on our live calls and it’s best to show up there with your specific questions!

Q: On the live calls, will I get to ask my specific questions? A: Yes, absolutely, as time allows. I will plan for 1.5 hours for each call to make sure I allow plenty of time to be with the group! That’s really the whole point of this community, is for me to support you! I will only be answering questions on the calls instead of the in the forum. If you cannot make it live to the call, there will be a place for you to submit your question and I will do my best to answer it! Keep in mind, most calls will start with training and then end with Q+A. Most likely, I will ask that the Q+A stays within a certain topic realm.    

Q: Can I share this with someone else? A: Yes, please! I would be forever grateful for your referral!  

Q: Do you have an affiliate program? A: At this time no.

Q: Why are courses not for sale outside of the membership? A: Well, because I wanted to make sure everyone going through my courses was able to get my support as well. Plus, I wanted to simplify EVERYTHING in my business. My one offer is my membership, simple as that!