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Raise Your Glass Ceiling Workshop | Uncover & Release Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever felt stuck, paralyzed or just like you are your own worst enemy?? Do you set goals only to self sabotage and never see them through? Or have you invested in yourself many times only to continue to hit more roadblocks and feel frustrated that your work is not paying off?  

You are NOT alone, I promise. We all get stuck and we all stand in our own way because of the limiting beliefs we have deep within our subconscious. We don't even know they exist or know what they are until we put some real work into uncovering and letting them go!  

A limiting belief is a belief that is deep within your subconscious that is holding you back from achieving the things we want to achieve in life. 


  • a better understanding of how to observe your language and self-limiting beliefs
  • a list of beliefs and experiences (specific to you) that are holding you back
  • a set of tools that will help you continue the journey to uncovering and releasing these beliefs more clarity on the process of personal growth and healing

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Audience Clarity Workshop | Know Who You Serve & How You Serve Them  

How well do you know your customers, clients or prospective clients?? Most of us know her on the surface, but we've skipped the deep stuff.  

If you want to make massive shifts in your sales, revenue and type of people you are attracting - it all starts with your Audience Clarity. Knowing your Audience is the foundation of your Marketing Strategy and if you don't have clarity and alignment with who you want to serve - your offers, your work, your content will not reach the people who need it most.  


  •  an entire plan of who you want to work with and how you want to serve her
  • an understanding of the language your perfect clients speaks so that you are converting more followers into leads and lead into customers.
  • a product line of offers that speak directly to your perfect client so that you can make more sales that are aligned with exactly how you want to serve! 

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Business Rituals | Set Your Business & Yourself Up For Success  

It's time to master your day to day business operations through daily rituals, habits and processes. Starting AND building a business is no easy task. Too often, we fly by the seat of our pants, hoping something in our business will stick. This workshop plugs you into a system that keeps you organized, feeling empowered, staying motivated and on track to hit all your business and personal goals!  


  • how to set your priorities - know them, follow them and know when to say no!
  • a functioning calendar - fierce yet flexible
  • a set mindful habits that eventually become part of your daily and morning rituals 
  • knowledge in using the moon to set intentions and release limiting beliefs


Content Creation Workshop | Tap into a Formula that Connects & Converts! 

Feeling like you have so much to say, but just can't get it into words? Learn how to navigate your own unique story, and create rituals for consistent content that helps you connect & covert your perfect prospective customer.  


  • a step-by-step system to create and build engaging content that adds value and attracts exactly who you want to work with
  • how to use your calendar, both physical and digital, to make yourself more productive and focused when it comes to getting your content out there
  • a set of tools you can use to make building your online business a hell of a lot easier
  • an understanding of what good content is and how to deeply connect with your audience and make them want MORE of you!
  • tips and tricks to make copywriting easier and doable on a daily basis
  • an understanding of a call to action that converts YOUR VERY OWN 6 WEEK CONTENT PLAN - that we will work on during the workshop

Workshop Bundle Package 

Not sure which one to invest in? Why not grab all 4 and save! 


  • Audience Clarity Workshop 
  • Business Rituals Workshop
  • Content Creation Workshop
  • Raising Your Glass Ceiling Workshop
  • BONUS WORKSHOP: CEO vs Employee Mindset

What people are saying

"Sarah has amazing talents to share with others. She is passionate and offers her knowledge in an authentic way. She has high energy and easily connects with you in a way that is genuine and also clear and relatable. She provides insight and clarity to what she is sharing that will allow you to hit the ground running with your new skills. She delivers quality in every training I have been a part of. She is able to teach so organically because she has been through everything that she is sharing. I would absolutely recommend working with her in any capacity that you are able to." 

-Lisa De Graaf 


"The workshop left me with a new, more positive outlook on my life and setting goals. Sarah is amazing at giving a fresh perspective and giving you the tools you need to see what your road to success is. Loved every second of it! I will be sure to take another one of her workshops in the future! 

-Stephanie Galvin


"Just spent the last hour doing some serious soul searching with Sarah Try! Identifying some of my limiting beliefs, writing them down, and coming up with a plan for the next time they pop up in my head feels amazing!! When you have a plan there is no room for failure!! Thank you so much Sarah!! 

-Sarah Suggs


"I have participated in the avatar exercise on multiple occasions and truth be told, I often struggled with it. This was the most connected and deepest that I have ever gone during an exercise of this type. I feel more clear on who I am supposed to serve and with that clarity you helped me see how my message to her should look!"

-Tami Castillo, Founder of the Confidence Project


'Thanks Sarah! I love your approach. I had so many blocks about getting my avatar “just right” and let my words flow as they were given and feel i have a lot more to go on now with my copy and content, too!' 

-Jennifer Skoog, Founder of


'Sarah's style of teaching is amazing. She is so passionate about what she does that it makes you want to be equally passionate about your work! I highly recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to improve their presence on social media. I look forward to working more closely with Sarah and learning for her.' 

-Zahra Kahn

'If you haven't had a chance to hop on one of Sarah's workshops - you should!!! I'm a "leaner" - which means I often want to learn and learn and very often don't take action. Sarah gives you TIME to actually take action, so there are NO excuses as to why, at the end of the workshop, you haven't implemented whatever it is that you learned.

-Liz McBride