I teach online marketers how to build funnels

to attract the perfect client or team member.

I run a membership community for network marketers called TRYbe Marketing, host quarterly Masterminds with women who are ready to create more flow and ease in their business and work with an exclusive clientele one on one.

I have a secret talent that I only recently discovered. I can uncover some really unique things about you and what you can offer to the person you are really passionate about serving. (Also known as creating a business plan or strategy.)

You need a guide. Someone you can bounce ideas off of because you know they’ve experimented with many strategies and have a solid idea of what works best. You also need someone who can take a bird’s eye view at your business and see how all the moving pieces fit together. (I wouldn’t be where I am today without a mentor helping me with strategy.)

Finding a mentor you can trust to give you sound advice and who is experimenting in her own business is rare.

Level 1 mentorship is preaching it. Level 2 mentorship is doing it and experimenting with it to see what is working and how the marketplace is shifting. Level 3 mentorship is taking all the lessons and experiments and packaging them together to share and teach others.

What level mentorship do you have in your business currently?

I have the experience in building a 5000+ team, being in the top .01% of my company for 3 years straight and making multiple six figures for 3 of the 5 years with very little direct upline support. I also have experience in using sales funnels for my network marketing business and my online coaching business. I seek flow and ease vs. constantly hustling for my business to grow. And I cannot stop experimenting and learning… it’s just in my blood. I’ve got a lot of things to share and teach, if you’re willing to listen and learn.

Why Soulful Marketing? 

Because when you get clear on who you serve and how you serve them, you are in alignment with the Universe. And that alignment brings you closer to your soul. 

PS - if you wanna know more about my story and how I got here (it’s long) you can read the full story here.

If you'd like to contact me, please email me at sarah@sarahtry.com.

Photos by the amazing Megan Kathleen Photography