I teach wellness influencers how to build funnels

that build their ideal client email list.

I've been in the online wellness space since Dec 2011 when I launched my first online business as a Beachbody Coach. Before that, I was always hustling to make my own money...entrepreneurship is in my blood. I ran a very successful and lucrative Beachbody business for almost 6 years, achieving high ranks and earning the title of Elite Coach for 3 years (2014, 2015, 2016). In 2016, I started building an email list to grow my business and I instantly knew building funnels and growing email lists was my path. I felt alive creating these marketing strategies because I was tapping into my creative energies - making my business my own. 

In my opinion, the email list is a highly underrated and underused asset in business. Building an email list is like building equity in a property - it's an investment in your future. Unlike your following on social media, the emails you collect on your email list are yours, always. Email is not going away. If you aren’t using email to grow your business, you’re missing a key piece in your marketing strategy.

I run a marketing membership community for wellness influencers called TRYbe Marketing. Inside the membership, I host 2 coaching calls per month where we literally brainstorm your ideas. We talk about if they make sense, how you can integrate them in what you are currently doing and create a plan to execute. 

I have a secret talent that I need to tell you about. I can uncover some really unique things about you and what you can offer to the person you are really passionate about serving. (Also known as creating a business plan or strategy.)

I also run a Marketing Agency where I create and execute marketing strategies, using funnels and email marketing, to help my clients grow their ideal client email list. I love this part of my business because I get to experiment, learn and grow myself while helping my clients do the same.