How to Become a Better Writer

The way I see it… writing is a form of art. It’s a way to communicate your message with the outside world. As a creator and business owner, it is important to be able to share your ideas, strategies, teachings, and offerings with words. It’s not hard to become a better writer in the same way it’s not hard to lose weight. You have to first make up your mind, commit to the daily consistent work it takes to improve your skills and then celebrate yourself as you see the fruits of your labor paying off. Anyone can be a … Read More

How Often Should I Make an Offer to my Email List?

How often should I make an offer (aka sell to my list) via email? It’s a question I get asked a lot and for good reason. You don’t want to over sell to your list, but you also want to make sure they know how they can work with you more intimately. The short answer is it’s a balance, like so many things in your business. And knowing who your audience is key here.  I like the strategy of offering something for sale right away after they say yes to joining your list with a freebie. I call it the … Read More

Unconditional Self Love: The root and the key to a soulful business

Self love is deeper than we realize. Self love is the ability to love yourself unconditionally. To love yourself even when you’ve done something you aren’t proud of, haven’t hit that goal you wanted to hit, said something you wish you hadn’t, or let another down. It’s easy to show up for yourself when things are “good”. It’s easy to love yourself when you are taking care of yourself and putting in the work to be a better human. It’s easy to love yourself when outwardly you’re doing well and others notice and love on you. But what about the … Read More

Marketing is an Evolution

At the core, marketing is a reflection of your deepest passions and beliefs. It represents who you are. And because you are constantly growing, evolving, and changing as a person, your marketing must follow suit. In short, your marketing strategy is an evolution, just like you are!  I talk to a lot of people about websites. It’s funny, when I tell people I am in marketing, the first thing they ask me is “Do you do websites?”. The conversation most often reveals a dissatisfaction when it comes to the look, feel and content on their website. Can you relate?? I … Read More

What is Self Sabotage REALLY?

Self sabotage may actually be an indication you’re on the right track, contrary to the guilt, shame and judgement you may have felt when experiencing it in the past. You see, over the last couple years I have been re-learning to embrace my emotions, tapping into my emotional body. This has helped me release a ton of stuck energy, giving me the space to tap into my creative power. And with this re-learning, I’ve come to believe that so called negative emotions are just signs that things are coming to the surface. So instead of pushing them away, I’ve been … Read More

How to Prepare for a Creative Jam Session

The deepest part inside of you that CREATES the message you want to share with the world, is available to you at all times! Tapping into the deep blue of creativity requires you to know your audience. Do you know your audience? Like really know her? Do you know what keeps her up at night? What about THE one thing that is always on her mind? Or the language would STOP HER IN HER TRACKS?  Here’s what I know about digging deep into who you want to serve and how you want to serve them… THERE ARE A LOT OF BLOCKS. And those … Read More

The Hamster Wheel of Achievement (and how to jump off!)

You are not defined by your achievements and you can, in fact, escape the premise that what you do defines who you are. This belief that your achievements define you is just that, a belief. One that has been there you’re entire life, but is no longer serving you in these times. Just like a hamster can get off the wheel at anytime, so can you. In my recent blog, Goals are for Amateurs, I hash out why you feel like goals and achievements define you and how tapping into your intuitive powers is the new-age approach. But I keep … Read More

Goals are for Amateurs

Goals are for amateurs. And by amateur, I mean the 10X-er. The person who is highly motivated and driven by external results. The amateur believes that with enough hard work and ‘man power’ she can achieve anything. Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a recovering amateur. I used to set the BIGGEST goals and work the HARDEST out of anyone….using all my strength, grit and energy to push through and make it happen. And it never mattered what it costed me — money, relationships, self-care, my adrenals or my sex-life. 5 years later I found myself in the fetal position waving … Read More

Fear of Success

Fear of success plagues all entrepreneurs. And even though that seems CRAZY on the surface level (because we all are looking for success), it’s really because of one simple thing that lurks in our subconscious: When we put ourselves out there, we are open to all the feedback… good and bad. I’m not sure about you, but I have caught myself dimming my light too many times because something deep inside me is held back by the fact that someone out there may not agree with what I am doing or teaching. After emailing the students in a free 5-day … Read More

Nurture Your List to Build Trust and Make More Sales

Being inside someone’s inbox is very intimate. It’s an opportunity to nurture the relationship with each person on your list, building trust one email at a time and ultimately making more sales. Every time I get an email from an influencer I follow, I read that email and feel like she’s talking directly to me. And if she’s selling something?!? Forget about it…I am like on the edge of my seat saying HOW MUCH HOW MUCH ???? If I don’t feel that way, I usually take the time to unsubscribe cuz they just aren’t my jam, ya know? (That is … Read More