Lioness: Mosaic Egg Sculpture

This mosaic sculpture represents fertility in all of its facets. The egg itself is the feminine and the stand is the masculine.
The energies of 2 chakras are present in this egg, the sacral (Svadisthana) and the solar plexus (Manipura). This egg welcomes you into the deepest part of your personal power, allowing you to courageously set boundaries. In the presence of this egg you will experience empowerment, creative clarity and clear direction on your Life path. And with that clarity comes the opportunity to prioritize pleasure. This egg reminds us that pleasure is the highest form of spirituality.
Materials: concrete substrate, glass tile, steel stand (fabricated and designed specifically for this project by metal artist, Adam Steuck)
Dimensions: 8.5″ tall. Base is 4”x4″.


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Out of stock

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