Getting Outside Your Comfy Zone

Over the last month, I have done a lot of things that have put me outside of my “comfy-zone”! Things like leaving my corporate job to work for myself, learning how to drive all over again with a stick shift, running a marathon and recently deciding to apply for a Mast Trainer with Powder Blue Productions. All of this stuff has been SUPER scary for me!

Didn’t they always teach us in school to “think outside the box”? YES!! But how many of us actually followed through and consistently challenge ourselves to get out of that “comfy-zone”?

No one ever really likes this stuff while its happening or about to happen. But looking back on those times, I can say that this is where all the amazingly, important opportunities happen in your life! You GROW, you COMBAT obstacles, you FIND solutions, and you GAIN a sense of pride.

So, how can we all make the best of these times, when we venture outside of the “comfy-zone”?

1. Accept the Fear. Everyone has nerves about doing something new! If you weren’t nervous, I would say you weren’t far enough out of the zone! We get nervous when it means something, when it is important to us! Embrace the discomfort and move forward!

2. Be Confident. Whatever it is you are doing, you are doing it for a reason. You believe in it, so act like it! Your fears will seem minimal when you think of the end result. For me, becoming a Master Trainer is a dream!

3. Don’t Over-think it. Go into this being YOU! Do your best and forget the rest, as Tony Horton says. If you are YOU, the right things will happen as they should. YOu are doing something right, as by this point you are already half way out of that comfy-zone!

4. Reflect. Congratulate yourself on what went well and take notes on how you can improve for next time. Make sure there is a next time!

5. Have Determination. No one ever get it perfect in the first shot! This is all a learning experience! Do you think I drove the stick shift perfect on day 1? Heck no! There were many times I wanted to give up, but I was determined to learn!

My challenge to YOU is do something this week that SCARES you, that will help you GROW!

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Sarah Try

Sarah Try

I am a mixed media mosaic artist based in Sturgeon Bay, WI. I love using a range of materials for my creations including but never limited to glass, ceramic, gemstones, vintage beads, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, concrete, metal and magazine images.

My work is guided by the energies of the chakras, the energies of the divine feminine principles and by the energies of the cosmos. The macro, the micro and everything in between.

To me, it is all interconnected, all coming from Source. You will see in my work that I am very inspired by color gradients to create an ombre effect.

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