Running a Marathon

Well, I am now considered a marathon runner! I trained all summer for this one race and as I look back on my accomplishment, it all seems like a blur!

It was a cold, windy Chicago morning on Oct 7th, but I was READY! I started off great, my half marathon pace was right on target, 2:06. I was feeling good, ready to conquer the next 13.1.

However, my legs had other plans! Around mile 15 they started to cramp. My calves were especially tight, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop and stretch. Do you ever feel like that in a race? Then it was the hammy’s, they started to hate the cold. It was cold.

Long story short, I finished in what I hear is a respectable time, 4:18:30. However, I had set high expectations for myself… I wanted a 3. Even though I was upset, circumstances that day just didn’t allow me to meet my goal. Maybe that is a sign I need to do another? If you would have asked me 2 days ago, I would have said hell no! But today it’s a possibility!

I could have stopped so many times during this race, but because of sheer determination to meet my goal, I would not allow myself to stop. I gave it 110% and for that, I am proud!