Running a Marathon

Well, I am now considered a marathon runner! I trained all summer for this one race and as I look back on my accomplishment, it all seems like a blur!

It was a cold, windy Chicago morning on Oct 7th, but I was READY! I started off great, my half marathon pace was right on target, 2:06. I was feeling good, ready to conquer the next 13.1.

However, my legs had other plans! Around mile 15 they started to cramp. My calves were especially tight, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop and stretch. Do you ever feel like that in a race? Then it was the hammy’s, they started to hate the cold. It was cold.

Long story short, I finished in what I hear is a respectable time, 4:18:30. However, I had set high expectations for myself… I wanted a 3. Even though I was upset, circumstances that day just didn’t allow me to meet my goal. Maybe that is a sign I need to do another? If you would have asked me 2 days ago, I would have said hell no! But today it’s a possibility!

I could have stopped so many times during this race, but because of sheer determination to meet my goal, I would not allow myself to stop. I gave it 110% and for that, I am proud!

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Sarah Try

Sarah Try

I am a mixed media mosaic artist based in Sturgeon Bay, WI. I love using a range of materials for my creations including but never limited to glass, ceramic, gemstones, vintage beads, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, concrete, metal and magazine images.

My work is guided by the energies of the chakras, the energies of the divine feminine principles and by the energies of the cosmos. The macro, the micro and everything in between.

To me, it is all interconnected, all coming from Source. You will see in my work that I am very inspired by color gradients to create an ombre effect.

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