This Is Not A Race

This is not a race.

There is never any reason to feel rushed or behind.

When energies of agitation or suffocation start creeping in, take some deep breaths. It will bring you back into alignment.

I found myself feeling very suffocated this afternoon. I had SO much to do, but no clue where to start.

It was an overwhelming and anxious energy that felt strong and intense. Every thought that came into my head was negative, hateful or judgmental…and not towards others, but towards myself.

All I kept hearing was, “You are not enough. You do not deserve to have what you want. There is no way possible to make those dreams of yours come true.”


What is up with that fucking voice?!?!? Some days it is far worse than other days. I’m sure you know what I mean.

It was consuming me. Making me feel like I was spiraling downwards. But it needed to STOP. I needed to make it stop.

So I went for a walk with the dogs…in the middle of the blizzard we were having.

Despite the snowy environment around me, the walk was incredibly helpful and calming! Walks in nature always give me clarity, it’s like my personal therapy session.

And get this: whenever I take my phone with me on the walk, it ALWAYS ends up dying! Even if I still have 30% battery left. It’s like I am not supposed to have the phone with me…so the lesson keeps coming until I embrace it and just walk without any cell phone distractions.

During this walk, in particular, I had a little chit-chat with me, myself and I. I remind myself that nothing is urgent enough to sacrifice my own well-being and mental state, nothing.

I must CHOOSE how I want to feel first, and then the rest comes after.

Here’s the thing: we get so caught up in the small details and BS noise surrounding us each and every day that we forget to listen to our inner selves, our inner voice, our intuition.

And no, this intuitive voice is not the LOUD voice in your head that keeps telling you to take caution, retreat and that your dreams are just wishful thinking. This is the voice that you can only hear when you quiet the loud voice.

This is the voice from deep within you. I tend to feel a sensation in my heart when this voice has something to say, but from what I’ve heard, it’s a different feeling for everyone.

This voice is your intuition. Your higher self. Your guide along the path of life.

I’ll be honest…it’s not always easy to hear that inner, intuitive voice.

I struggle most days to quiet the ego (aka the loud voice in your head). And just to clarify, my intuition isn’t a voice that I hear, it is a feeling that I translate into words. Sometimes a vision I see.

Tapping into intuition is different for everyone and takes practice. Daily practice.

But here’s the point of me sharing all of this: I want to remind you that listening to yourself is important. If things aren’t feeling right or your drive/motivation/emotional state are not where you feel comfortable, take some time to meditate and listen.

Quiet everything around you and practice slowing down your mind. This allows you to feel the message your higher self so desperately wants you to receive.

Digging deeper into my intuition has allowed me to create a more soulful business. As I have done so, I feel called to teach other entrepreneurs how to do the same. It’s part of my life’s work…something I’m connected to and empowered by.

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