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Passion or Compulsive Working? 

As modern women, we face this mountain. A mountain we are READY and WILLING to climb. But, I have to ask this question: Is it really a mountain in front of us, or is that what we’ve been led to believe? If you subscribe to the perspective that you create your own reality, there will be a mountain if you believe there is a mountain.

This mountain I speak of is representative of the obstacles and hurdles we face as women in a man’s world. We have much to prove and, therefore, much to do. Always.

As a woman, I am passionate. I have ideas. I am creative. I own that side of me. But am I really embodying that wholeheartedly in my business?

As we start to listen to our soul’s calling, there is this urge or maybe an old belief that we have to RUSH and urgently get it all done. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The truth is, we have time. Not time to waste, but we have time to be intentional and intuitive and creative. We have time to give our dreams space and less time to worry that they will come true.

We’ve all heard the detrimental effects of working too much, but we are constantly hearing to do more, be more, spend more, reach more, hire more….more, more, more. 10X it!

So we find ourselves confused. We want to honor our creative spirit and give our ideas space to cultivate – but in an age where social media is very present, it’s too easy to get swept into the comparison game that reminds us we aren’t doing enough.

Many of the women and men we look up to are devoured by their work, telling us to sleep when we are dead and that now is the time to PUSH and GO!

But true passion – your deep-seated soul’s calling cannot be rushed. And it certainly does not require us to destroy ourselves in the process of building it.

As women, it’s time we stand up to the old belief that we are linear. We are not linear. We are cyclical beings. We have time for creating, time for visualizing, time for strategizing and time for doing. We flow in each phase of our cycle, honoring what our bodies are yearning for us to do.

It’s time to shed the skin we’ve grown to fit in in a man’s world, in order to prove our worth. But truly – you are already so worthy – no proving needed.

It’s time to purge the idea that the more we do, the more we work, the more we say yes to, the more we get in return.

Because the truth is, the more space we give ourselves the more time we have to incubate our ideas into these beautiful creations that make an impact on the collective whole.

I am making a stand: I do not have to work hard in order to create the life I desire. (What does work hard even mean?) In order for me to create the life I desire, I must become more in flow with my natural state and allow this life I am seeking to come to me.

That does not mean I will not work. Of course I will work – I am very dedicated to what I do, and, in order to help others, work must be done. But I am not willing to sacrifice myself, my health, my wellbeing, my relationships in order to be successful. Why? Because I KNOW I will be successful, I am already worthy of that success. Hard work and long hours, does not make me more worthy, it just makes me more tired and less intuitive.

That’s why I am passionate about helping women like me, women like yourself, create more space. And that starts with your business systems. It starts by creating systems that allow you to step away when you need it. Systems that once set up, only need to be tweaked and tracked as you watch how your business responds.

More time freedom. It’s what you crave. It’s what your soul is calling for. It’s what you deserve.

Learn more about the 3 pillars I find most important in building a sustainable business here.

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Sarah Try

Sarah Try

I am a mixed media mosaic artist based in Sturgeon Bay, WI. I love using a range of materials for my creations including but never limited to glass, ceramic, gemstones, vintage beads, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, concrete, metal and magazine images.

My work is guided by the energies of the chakras, the energies of the divine feminine principles and by the energies of the cosmos. The macro, the micro and everything in between.

To me, it is all interconnected, all coming from Source. You will see in my work that I am very inspired by color gradients to create an ombre effect.

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