Unconditional Self Love: The root and the key to a soulful business

Self love is deeper than we realize. Self love is the ability to love yourself unconditionally. To love yourself even when you’ve done something you aren’t proud of, haven’t hit that goal you wanted to hit, said something you wish you hadn’t, or let another down. It’s easy to show up for yourself when things are “good”. It’s easy to love yourself when you are taking care of yourself and putting in the work to be a better human. It’s easy to love yourself when outwardly you’re doing well and others notice and love on you. But what about the … Read More

Marketing is an Evolution

At the core, marketing is a reflection of your deepest passions and beliefs. It represents who you are. And because you are constantly growing, evolving, and changing as a person, your marketing must follow suit. In short, your marketing strategy is an evolution, just like you are!  I talk to a lot of people about websites. It’s funny, when I tell people I am in marketing, the first thing they ask me is “Do you do websites?”. The conversation most often reveals a dissatisfaction when it comes to the look, feel and content on their website. Can you relate?? I … Read More

What is Self Sabotage REALLY?

Self sabotage may actually be an indication you’re on the right track, contrary to the guilt, shame and judgement you may have felt when experiencing it in the past. You see, over the last couple years I have been re-learning to embrace my emotions, tapping into my emotional body. This has helped me release a ton of stuck energy, giving me the space to tap into my creative power. And with this re-learning, I’ve come to believe that so called negative emotions are just signs that things are coming to the surface. So instead of pushing them away, I’ve been … Read More

Goals are for Amateurs

Goals are for amateurs. And by amateur, I mean the 10X-er. The person who is highly motivated and driven by external results. The amateur believes that with enough hard work and ‘man power’ she can achieve anything. Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a recovering amateur. I used to set the BIGGEST goals and work the HARDEST out of anyone….using all my strength, grit and energy to push through and make it happen. And it never mattered what it costed me — money, relationships, self-care, my adrenals or my sex-life. 5 years later I found myself in the fetal position waving … Read More

I am making a stand ❤︎

Passion or Compulsive Working?  As modern women, we face this mountain. A mountain we are READY and WILLING to climb. But, I have to ask this question: Is it really a mountain in front of us, or is that what we’ve been led to believe? If you subscribe to the perspective that you create your own reality, there will be a mountain if you believe there is a mountain. This mountain I speak of is representative of the obstacles and hurdles we face as women in a man’s world. We have much to prove and, therefore, much to do. Always. … Read More

Tapping into Your Sacred Purpose

INAUTHENTICITY NO LONGER HAS A PLACE ???? ✨ We are entering into a new age, an age where anything inauthentic no longer has a place – it can no longer survive. As we are waking up as a collective, we are letting go of things, people, situations, jobs, ideas, thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving us. In order to let go, we must create flow and sustainability in our business by tapping into our sacred purpose.  It begs the question – what in your life is not true to who you are? What is no longer serving you? Some are … Read More

Why Leaving is Hard ​But Necessary

I think leaving is so hard. Why? Because at our deepest core, we really, really care about the people involved. Leaving a job, leaving a relationship, leaving a company, stepping down from a position, deciding to change career paths, etc…It’s tough. The day I actually left my position at Beachbody in September 2017 was not the day I had decided to leave. It’s true. Because when you actually take the step to leave, it’s usually been months, if not years, that you’ve been contemplating the decision. So why do we ultimately decide to leave? Why do we go through the … Read More

This Is Not A Race

This is not a race. There is never any reason to feel rushed or behind. When energies of agitation or suffocation start creeping in, take some deep breaths. It will bring you back into alignment. I found myself feeling very suffocated this afternoon. I had SO much to do, but no clue where to start. It was an overwhelming and anxious energy that felt strong and intense. Every thought that came into my head was negative, hateful or judgmental…and not towards others, but towards myself. All I kept hearing was, “You are not enough. You do not deserve to have … Read More

A More Soulful Business

As business owners, we find ourselves DOING all the time. There is always so. much. to. do. And here’s the thing: Doing and working are important! It’s how your business moves forward. But I know for some of you, there is something inside begging for more. When you close your eyes and visualize the life you really want to live, does that include working 10-12 hour days? Does that include feeling stressed or anxious about all you have to do, whether you have time for it or not? Does that include rushing around doing all the things, all the time? … Read More

How to Effectively Plan Your Day

Do you work from home? Or do you aspire to live that “laptop lifestyle?” No matter how wonderful it all sounds, working from home does come with a lot of distractions: laundry, cleaning, making food, taking care of the dogs, helping hubby get ready to leave for the day, answering texts from mom and mindlessly scrolling through FB… Side Note: Do you ever catch yourself scrolling FB and think WHY AM I LOOKING AT FB?!? I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO TODAY! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!! Ok, glad I’m not alone! Anyways, despite the distractions, working from home is AMAZING. I … Read More