How Often Should I Make an Offer to my Email List?

How often should I make an offer (aka sell to my list) via email? It’s a question I get asked a lot and for good reason. You don’t want to over sell to your list, but you also want to make sure they know how they can work with you more intimately. The short answer is it’s a balance, like so many things in your business. And knowing who your audience is key here.  I like the strategy of offering something for sale right away after they say yes to joining your list with a freebie. I call it the … Read More

Nurture Your List to Build Trust and Make More Sales

Being inside someone’s inbox is very intimate. It’s an opportunity to nurture the relationship with each person on your list, building trust one email at a time and ultimately making more sales. Every time I get an email from an influencer I follow, I read that email and feel like she’s talking directly to me. And if she’s selling something?!? Forget about it…I am like on the edge of my seat saying HOW MUCH HOW MUCH ???? If I don’t feel that way, I usually take the time to unsubscribe cuz they just aren’t my jam, ya know? (That is … Read More

Start Your Email List TODAY! (in 3 simple steps)

You’ve been hearing the advice about building an email list for years now. It’s still good advice and I’d tell you the same thing. So today, I am going to show you how to actually start an email list with 3 simple steps. I am keeping this super easy, so you can literally take one hour to set this up and STOP making excuses why you still haven’t started building your list. Let’s dive in, let’s start your email list!  FUN FACT: Emails Convert 3 Times Better than Social Media (source: >>>Step 1: Select an Email Marketing tool. I … Read More

9 Reasons You Must Scale Your Business

Sarah Try

Look, I know it may not feel like it, but scaling is the most soulful thing you can do for your business. Why? Because it allows your business to continue growing without more effort from you. Eventually, your effort will be at a very sustainable level… imagine 20-25 hours a week. That’s my goal! Right now I am working about 30-35 hours a week as a 6 figure business. As I continue to scale, that number of hours will decrease. With that extra time you gain from scaling, you have the freedom to start truly living your life – going … Read More

How to Create a Content Plan

Have you ever stopped to think about what the person on the other end of your post feels when they read what you put out there? Today, I’m inspired to talk about content creation. I’m no expert, but I have certainly had a lot of practice creating content. So, here’s my best advice for creating a content plan. ✨Your Content Has Energy ✨ Your audience can feel whatever you are feeling at the time you are writing your content. And in my opinion, that’s a really good thing! As influencers, we have the ability to create an emotional response with … Read More

Working Through Writer’s Block

I’ve been really inspired to share about how I create my content for my emails, blogs and social media pages. It’s been a lot of trial and error for me – especially as I have transitioned into a whole new business, new brand, new content, new way of teaching and new way of doing business in general.  I hope you find what I’ve learned helpful. For me, creating content is so important because it says a lot about who you are as a person and business. AND it can connect deeply with your followers and audience. Deep connection leads to trust, … Read More